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Lead Designer, Stephanie Pineda was Born in Ibarra.  After years of designing custom handbags out of her apartment, she decided to turn her passion into a career, she collaborated with alongtime friend Esteban to start "Auka Style".

Her modern Chic style is being recognized as being some of the best new Styles in the fashion industry. Let Stephanie walk you through the design process, its simple and incredible fun to watch your dreamhandbag come to reality.

Auka- (F) Warrior, Rebel. Doesn't conform to the norms

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Our mission

Our mission is to build a socially responsible brand. To Grow our organically with the help of our community. We want collaborate and support other artists, to create jobs, to make a positive change in our community. We are passionate about helping Kids. Auka pledged to donate proceeds from each handbag sold. We were very happy to be able to donate $250 to the Luis Vargas Torres foundation.

Our donation helped provide 300 families with food, clothing and toys this past Christmas. 

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